Gabriel Abusada James opens with 11,900 at the WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open

AbusadaAHeart J Club

Gabriel Abusada James opens to 11,900 in early position and sees the cutoff rise to 27,000, forcing everyone else out of the pot. As the final folds occur, Abusada says he`s doubling up and thinks it`s going to be a big pot.

AbusadaAHeart J Club

Opponent – AHeart 10

"That`s all you have, ace-ten? You have no outs."

The cutoff has three outs, and none come on a run of Diamond 7Club 9Diamond 4Club 5Shovel 7.

"Thanks," Abusada says after the river falls. "I told you he was going to double up!"

Gabriel Abusada James – 24,800 (62 bb).

Hand #70: Gabriel Abusada limps from the button, Brian Altman raises to 900,000 from the big blind, and Abusada calls.

The flop is Spade 9Diamond 2Spade 5, Altman bets 1,300,000, Gabriel Abusada James raises all in for about 7,650,000 and Altman folds.

Hand #71: <a href="https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Altman_(poker_player)” style=”color:blue; text-decoration:underline”>Brian Altman raises to 500,000 from the button and Gabriel Abusada calls from the big blind.

The flop is Diamond KHeart JClub 3 and Abusada checks all in for 400,000 from Altman. Both players pass on the turn of A Spades and the river of Clubs 8.

Gabriel Abusada James shows Diamond 5Heart 3 for a pair of threes, Altman mucks and Abusada wins the pot.

Hand #72: Brian Altman gets a walk.

Hand #73: Brian Altman raises to 500,000 from the button and Gabriel Abusada calls from the big blind.

The flop is Spade ADiamond 7Club 8 and Abusada checks-calls to Altman`s 400,000. The turn is a 6 of hearts and Abusada checks to Altman`s 1,200,000. The river is the 2 of spades, Abusada checks, Altman bets 2,800,000 and Abusada folds.

Hand #74: Gabriel Abusada James raises to 500,000 from the button and Brian Altman calls from the big blind.

They go to the turn of a 10-Stack 3Club 6Club 4 Club board where Altman check-calls for 1,000,000. The river is the Q of hearts, Altman checks, Abusada calls for 7,650,000 and Altman folds.

Brian Altman – 35,575,000 (142 bb)

Gabriel Abusada James – 10,900,000 (44 bb)