Player Barrett Purvis is eliminated by Gabriel Abusada James

Abusada: Club ASpade A

Gabriel Abusada James enters from middle position, Barrett Purvis raises all in for 98,000 from the cutoff and Abusada calls after some thought.

WPT Champions Club member James Carroll raises to 3,500 from the cutoff, Ken Fishman calls from the cutoff, Gregory Wilson calls from the small blind and Abusada three-bets to 11,500 from the big blind. Everyone sees.

The flop is Diamond 8Spade 9Heart 5 and Wilson checks to Abusada, who continues for 70,000. Carroll raises all in for 142,000, Fishman folds, Wilson folds and Gabriel Abusada James goes into the tank.

"I can`t believe it," Abusada says. "I can`t believe it, how much is it?"

Just before the break, WPT Champions Club member Brian Altman raises to 150,000 from the hijack. Gabriel Abusada James three-bets to 550,000 from the button and Altman uses a time extension before four-betting to 4,000,000, leaving himself 25,000.

Abused thinks for about 15 seconds before folding in open-ended ASpade K spade.

Brian Altman – 4,775,000 (63 bb)

Gabriel Abusada – 4,125,000 (55 bb)

The dealer confirms it`s 72,000 more for Gabriel Abusada James to call.

"I can`t believe it," Abusada repeats before calling after about 90 seconds total.

Abusada: Club KClub J

Purvis: Club QSpade J

The board comes out Corazon 7Club ADiamante 9Diamante KClub 8, giving Abusada a pair of kings to eliminate Purvis.

Gabriel Abusada – 440,000 (37 bb)

Barrett PurvisEliminated in 92nd place ($7,155).

Gabriel Abusada James goes all in for about 550,000 from the bottom of the table against Donald Graham in the big blind.

Abusada: Club ASpade A

Graham: Club QHeart Q

The board shows Diamond 8Diamond ASpade 9Spades 10Club 10, giving Abusada aces full of tens to double up.

Zachary Smiley raises to 250,000 before the UTG+1 flop, and Gabriel Abusada James raises all in for 5,050,000 from the small blind.

Smiley stays in the tank before using an extra time chip, then folds his cards.

Gabriel Abusada James leaves the heart KSpade K face up on the table and scoops the pot to increase his stack to 5.55 million.

Gabriel Abusada – 5,550,000 (44 bb)

Zachary Smiley – 4,680,000 (37 bb)